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            Integrity, innovation, struggle and enterprising is my company's service tenet, the company as the China national petroleum corporation, sinopec and cnooc group company network member unit, get three group of scientific research department on technical support, such as drilling technology research institute of north China academy is located at the same time on the production process of active support, so in the process, the technology has a reliable guarantee.

            In the fierce competition in the market, thanks to the support from all walks of life friend, through the efforts of all staff, improving management, insisting on the tenet of quality first, the supremacy of credibility, increase financial input, driven by reform and scientific and technological progress and structural adjustment as the main line, the overall benefit maximization as the goal, actively implementing the established strategy, optimize the assets structure, balanced and promote the company and the environment and the coordinated development of the society, with advanced equipment, excellent service, high quality products and efficient, pragmatic, efficient, innovative style, to provide users with satisfactory products, efforts to improve market competitiveness and sustainable profitability, with the company long-term, sustainable development feedback shareholders, employees, customers and society.

            Welcome to oil industry leaders at all levels and employee come to negotiate business, hand in hand, create a better future.